Edit Suits Co. came into existence in order to fulfil our own personal needs as founders; quite simply, we like beautifully-fitting shirts and suits. This may sound like an easy need to satisfy, but off-the-rack clothing just never fit right – pretty shocking when you consider the prices we were paying. And in all the places we lived, custom-tailoring was no real alternative: In Europe it was very expensive, and in Asian countries the tailors lacked an understanding of modern cuts. The last resort, the existing online tailors, simply weren’t very convenient, and we had a hard time building up the necessary trust in their services. So we embarked on a mission to offer great made-to-measure menswear in the most convenient way possible.


All our products are of premium calibre. We carefully selected highly skilled manufacturers and use fabrics of the same outstanding quality as the famous high-end fashion companies.

In order to ensure that the designs and quality of our products meet our strict standards, we control the entire supply chain ourselves; from product design, through to manufacturing, quality control, sales, and distribution. We own every step.

For our customers, this not only leads to superior products and a great customer experience, it also allows you to purchase products at a fraction of the price of comparable luxury brands. How do we do this? We simply cut out wholesalers, other middle-men, and the expensive retail infrastructure that forces traditional retailers to charge you a steep markup.


Edit Suits Co. is a high-end made-to-measure menswear company that is revolutionising the way men shop for clothing.
We’re using an innovative combination of e-commerce and direct sales to offer our high-quality products
and are dedicated to offering the best customer experience to our customers.

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