Best Dressed Cities in the World

Best Dressed Cities in the World
February 18, 2018 Edit Suits Co.

Every city in the world has its own culture, food and style. It’s these three things (among a few others) that really make a city what it is. New York is fast-paced and your average person is going to be in all black, holding a slice of pizza. In Tokyo, street style (and food) rule. In Milan and Paris, locals get a sneak peek at trends for the following year as the biggest fashion shows in the world are at their doorsteps. While it’s hard to pick the best dressed cities in the world, it’s easy to see which influence style the most.



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Because London is such a melting pot, it’s no surprise that their style is best described as eclectic. Men in London are willing to try anything but maintain an air of the classic English gentleman. With access to the best designers, massive vintage markets, and a constant influx of famous creatives, it’s no wonder London has long since been recognised as one of the best dressed cities in the world.



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We couldn’t possibly put together a list about fashion without mentioning Paris. Parisians are masters at looking effortless while still (somehow) put together. More than most other populations in the world, the French just have damn good taste. They start with the basics like a good pair of trousers or the perfect trench coat and add bold, personalised accessories. They don’t often buy into trends (at least not fleeting ones) and fill their wardrobes with simple but still very cool pieces.  



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This year, designers showed a special affinity for one-toned looks. All-over black, white, tan, and even pink were popping up everywhere during SS18 Fashion Week. For the men of Stockholm, this is nothing new. Known for having a modest dress sense, these Scandinavians seem to have a sort of unofficial national uniform of clean, stripped down looks, most often in black and white. Their no-fuss approach to fashion has been tried and tested and put simply: It works.



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It only makes sense to follow the monochromatic aesthetic of Stockholm with the bright colours and wild patterns of Tokyo. Like we said earlier, Tokyo is known for their street style. Nothing is too bold. Nothing is too mismatched. In such a densely populated city, I suppose this is their way of standing out. While not all of their fashion choices are picked up (or even appreciated) by the masses, it’s clear that they’re expressing their individuality through their kooky closets.



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If you’ve ever been to Italy, you were probably struck by how perfectly dressed men of all ages are. They clearly value tradition and take fashion seriously. Not only does everything fit perfectly, but their experimentation with mixing and matching colours and patterns is something to be admired and emulated.