Tailored Chinos & Khaki Pants Singapore

We are Singapore's premier men's tailor, specialising in men's custom tailored chino and khaki pants.

With a large variety of the world's best fabrics and countless customisation options at hand, we will be able to craft a unique tailored chino that will fit you like no other. Shop chino & khaki pants online or book an appointment to get measured!

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Tailored Chinos & Khaki Pants

Uncover the ideal combination of fashion and ease with our assortment of custom chinos in Singapore. Join us at Edit Suits Co. to explore the flexibility of chinos, carefully crafted for a fit that radiates self-assurance. Enhance your casual closet with chinos that redefine relaxed sophistication.

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Custom-made chinos or khaki pants embody flexible elegance, fitting for many different situations. Whether it's a relaxed workday, a weekend escape, a friendly get-together, or a leisurely city stroll, our chinos find the ideal harmony between comfort and fashion. Embrace the enduring charm of tailored chinos, elevating your everyday appearance with a dash of refinement.

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Why Custom Chino Pants?

Choosing custom-made clothing is a declaration of your uniqueness. Rather than settling for ready-made chinos, you have the artistic liberty to fashion a pair that harmonizes with your distinct style. From hand-picking superior fabrics to personalizing features like pocket designs and waistbands, your tailored chinos evolve into a reflection of your character. Our bespoke chinos are painstakingly created according to your exact measurements, guaranteeing a fit that radiates self-assurance. Revel in the delight of donning chinos that are exclusively yours.

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The Custom Clothing Process

Begin your personalised journey by scheduling a tailored appointment at our Singapore showroom, situated at 35A Duxton Rd, Level 2, Singapore 089499. Our knowledgeable tailoring consultants will walk you through our exquisite fabric collection and assist you in customising your chinos to perfection.

After placing your order, our skilled craftsmen commit themselves to meticulously crafting your tailored chinos. This crafting process usually takes around 3-5 weeks. Once they're ready, we'll invite you to a fitting appointment, allowing you to try on your newly created chinos. If any adjustments are needed, our team will complete them within a week. You can opt to revisit our London showroom or have your order conveniently delivered via courier.

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Quality Workmanship

At Edit Suits Co., exemplary craftsmanship is deeply ingrained in our philosophy. Our accomplished tailors recognise the essence of producing chinos that radiate excellence and withstand the test of time. Each pair of tailored chinos is a masterpiece, meticulously curated to seamlessly blend style and durability, rendering them an indispensable asset in your casual wardrobe.

Our Cloths/Mills

In our pursuit of offering the finest tailored chinos, we have meticulously curated an exclusive selection of fabrics from renowned mills spanning the globe. From esteemed UK mills to international luminaries, our fabric assortment embodies luxury and comfort. Eminent names such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Brisbane Moss grace our fabric lineup.

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Edit Suits Co. delivers a bespoke clothing experience without the accompanying exorbitance. For a comprehensive pricing breakdown, we invite you to peruse our pricing page.

About Edit Suits Co.

Edit Suits Co. was established with the aim of providing exceptional tailored formal and casual menswear. Our mission is centered on providing unparalleled tailoring and customization options, allowing you to create garments that perfectly align with your individual style. Say goodbye to the frustration of poorly fitting off-the-rack chinos and welcome the comfort of tailor-made perfection.

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Store Address - Singapore

Elevate your casual fashion style at our Singapore showroom, conveniently located at 35A Duxton Rd, Level 2, Singapore 089499. Immerse yourself in the realm of tailored chinos with Edit Suits Co., and embrace the unassuming elegance of personalised comfort.

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                        London City Showroom

                        Unit 22, Western Arcade Bridge Station, London, SE1 9SP
                        • Email: care_uk@editsuits.com
                        • Phone: 020 3795 9003

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                        Why Our Customers Love Us...

                        Tomaz Goh

                        I highly recommend Edit Suits. Their clothes are high quality and stylish even with their more affordable fabric range. The staff were very helpful and patient when I needed advice on the tailoring. More importantly, they make sure the suits look perfect on my imperfect torso. I believe I've found the perfect place for my future suit tailoring needs. Read more

                        Deepak Ramchandani

                        Totally recommend Edit Suits and can't wait to come back again. Got a tux made for my wedding and couldn't have asked for a better customer delivery, timely delivery and great end to end experience! Read more

                        Steve Whatson

                        This was the first time I have had a suit made to measure by Edit Suits and I was very impressed with the entire process. The staff were both very friendly and knowledgeable, which made the whole process very simple and enjoyable. The process was very quick and the suit fitted beautifully. I would completely recommend Edit Suits and will be using them again. Read more

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                        "Edit Suits Co. is the perfect choice for anyone with an interest in tailoring who wants to take things up a notch or two. It’s a modern solution, to a thankfully timeless conundrum."

                        "Made-to-measure tailoring at off-the-peg prices."

                        "Edit Suits Co’s made-to-measure suits use high-end cloths from designers including Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana."

                        "A great service: quick, friendly and producing suits of exceptional quality for this price. I’ve used several internet-based suit-makers in the past and this is far and away the best."

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                        Tailored Chinos and Khaki Pants in Singapore

                        Chino pants, sometimes referred to as khaki pants in certain regions, stand out as one of the most adaptable essentials in a man's wardrobe. It's a rare occasion when a lone pair of pants effortlessly transitions from office hours to a night out, and even smoothly continues to a casual breakfast the following morning. Throughout these scenarios, you not only appear appropriately dressed, but also fashionably put together.

                        However, the worth of chinos isn't limited to their versatility alone. Crafted from cotton, chinos often incorporate a subtle stretch, which translates to exceptional comfort – an essential aspect that men's attire frequently overlooks. Here in our selection, you'll find a range of tailored chinos. With numerous options for personalization, we can help alleviate the stress of discovering the perfect chino by assisting you in creating your own unique piece.

                        Pairing chinos with a t-shirt or tailored shirt creates an ideal ensemble for a relaxed weekend. Introduce a jacket to the mix, and the chinos instantly transform into an appropriate choice for work, weddings, sports events, or parties.

                        The Perks of Tailor-Made Chinos

                        When you opt for custom chinos from Edit Suits Co., you can decide on side and/or back pockets, whether the hem should be turned up, and even the style, shape, and size of the buttons. Our color range encompasses midnight and royal blue, off-white, dark olive, cappuccino, along with various shades of grey and brown.

                        Custom-made vs. Off-the-Rack

                        Finding well-fitting chinos off-the-rack is a challenge. We're all too familiar with the issues – if the waist fits, the legs might be overly wide or uncomfortably tight. Similarly, the rise can be either too low or too high. These common problems arise because everyone's body size, shape, and proportions differ. Opting for tailored chinos allows us to accommodate all your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a lower waistline or trousers with more room to breathe, we'll adjust the waist, rise, thigh width, knee fit, and cuff to your liking.

                        Why Choose Edit Suits for Your Custom Chinos

                        Located in Singapore, we offer customizable chinos in a variety of colors suitable for nearly any occasion. Our aim is to ensure you look and feel great in your trousers. We understand that even a single well-fitting pair can significantly transform your wardrobe.

                        In Singapore, we offer overcoats & trench coats, linen shirts, linen suits, waistcoats, blazers, 3 piece suits, double breasted suits, tailored chinos, prom suits, tuxedos, weddings suits, tailored shirts, tailored suits, tweed suits, suit trousers, and morning coats.

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