The world is going custom – and why you should too!

The world is going custom – and why you should too!
November 13, 2020 Edit Suits Co.

The world is going custom – why you should too!

Custom clothing is on the rise. For the case that you haven’t taken notice yet, we have collected the top 5 reasons why custom is the way to go.


1. Searching for well-fitting clothes sucks!

Picture this: You need a new shirt. You now seemingly have 2 options – either you can walk up and down the crowded high street and try on every item under the sun, just to realise that what what fits around the chest is too short on the torso or too loose on the waist. And even worse, all size tags are inconsistent and vary widely across different brands, which doesn’t make a shopper’s life easier.

The online option isn’t much better, since hit & miss in terms of sizing means that you’re queuing at the post office day after day to deal with all your return shipments. Unless you’re a serious shopaholic, all of these options suck!

Going custom means that you’ll have to get your fit right once (either through a visit at a tailor or via an online size finder), and then it’s copy & paste. Let’s be honest, life’s too short to roam crowded high streets.


2. Choice, choice, choice

A shopper’s problem isn’t solved when the right size is found; there’s also the question of the right style. How often is the fabric just not quite right, or the trouser has a weird decorative detail that just isn’t quite to your liking?

Custom lets you change all of that and more. And with the myriad of fabrics and options to choose from, going custom is like standing in a clothing shop with thousands of options and they’re all in your size. Again, forget the search and start creating what you’re after.


3. You have a wardrobe full of favourite pieces

There’s always one or a few favourite item(s) in one’s wardrobe. And then there are loads that are ok, but they just don’t quite measure up to the favourites because something isn’t quite to one’s liking.

Going custom essentially fills your wardrobe with favourite items, which means every outfit feels like a winner. And selecting the outfit in the morning goes from chore to fun.



4. Re-ordering is a breeze

We said it before, but it needs special attention; re-ordering custom clothing is a breeze. You can save your personal size and style preferences, so all you have to do is to select a different fabric and then its copy & paste. More time can be spent on stuff that matters – that’s as easy as life should be.



5. Fast fashion is not good for the environment

Do you know that fashion is one of the most significant polluters globally? Over 100 billion garments are produced every year, and our throwaway society throws a significant portion of it away, barley used or not used at all. In the UK alone that’s over 350,000 tonnes of textile waste every year.

Custom clothing is distinctively “slow fashion” and removes overproduction and wastage. And research has shown that favourite pieces are worn much longer than the usual throw-away pieces. So do something good for mother nature and start going custom.


Convinced it’s worth a try? Then head here to create your custom shirt size in 30 seconds and claim your first order discount.

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