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Designer shirts are worn by most men every single day. By choosing different coloured fabrics, this classically cool style of shirt can see you through all seasons, and nearly every kind of occasion.

Below you can find a small selection of shirts from our collection.
With hundreds of fabrics and countless customisation options available, we can reduce the pressure of finding the perfect shirt by helping you to create your own.


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Our Opinion

First we’ll see to it that your designer shirt fits you perfectly. Then we’ll work with you to customise it. A shirt of the same fabric can be made to look completely different by changing minor details. At Edit Suits Co., we offer dozens of styling options from the pattern of the shirt, to the shape of the collar, down to the cuffs, placket, pleats, contrast fabrics, and more.

When considering ordering a made to measure designer shirt, the first step is to choose a fabric. Here are just a few of the fabric options we have on offer.

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End-on-End: Most commonly seen in more formal designer shirts, end-on-end cloths are woven with different colored threads. From a distance, the shirt will appear as one color, but as you get closer, you’ll see the varying tones. Shirts made from this fabric are appropriate for more formal business occasions.

Herringbone: Named after the bones of a herring fish, herringbone weaves have a v-shaped pattern. While herringbone is appropriate in nearly any situation, it’s best when you want to add a little bit of “pop” and personality to an otherwise traditional look.

Oxford: Due to a weaving process in which one color of weft is crossed with a white warp thread, an Oxford shirt will have a two-tone appearance. The weight of the shirt will be heavier, thicker, and warmer – perfect for cool weather. Traditionally this is a more casual fabric, but by making the right adjustments to the collar, it can certainly be dressed up for the office.

Pinpoint Oxford: Less formal than twill but more formal than oxford cloth, this fabric is heavy, durable and good for an everyday business look.

Twill: Made by weaving each warp of threads over and under two vertical threads, twill appears diagonally woven. It’s crisp, soft, and easily ironed. It’s a versatile shirt that’s easy to wear, wash, and wear again.

Made to Measure vs. Off-the-Rack

Buying a shirt off-the-rack doesn’t give you the same freedom that a shirt from Edit Suits Co. can offer. While you may find a shirt in a fabric that you’re keen to wear, it might lack the fit and details you’ve come to prefer. For example, less common (but still fashionable) styles like the mandarin collar will be hard to find. With our help, you can turn your favorite shirt into one with a mandarin collar. But it’s not just mandarin collars that we offer. We have five other options and the expertise to help you decide which is right for you.
What’s more, off-the-rack designer shirts don’t take into consideration which wrist you wear your watch on. We do. Upon request, we’ll create a cuff that easily slides over your watch by adding extra space to the respective wrist.
You’re free to choose between rounded, angled, and barrel cuffs, as well as the number of buttons you’d prefer on each. You’ll also be able to design the back of your shirt to suit your style: whether it be plain, with box pleats, side pleats, or darts. If you’re unsure, we’re only too happy to help you decide based on your preferred fit.
For something truly unique, you can add contrasting fabric on either the collar and inner cuff, or even the whole collar and cuff. To further distinguish yourself and add a greater level of class and sophistication to any shirt, you can also add a monogram.

Why Choose Edit Suits for Your Designer Shirt
We don’t think that you should feel limited by your wardrobe. By collaborating with Edit Suits Co., you can create a designer shirt for a special occasion or for everyday use. We’ll guarantee that it fits properly and use our expertise to incorporate all the details you like the most.

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What Our Customers Say
frankie benvenuto
This was the first time I had a suit made to measure, I was very impressed with the service of the editsuits, the quality of materials in the suit I ordered was fantastic. The representative that came to my property was very helpful, polite and accommodating and took all my measurements in the first visit. The suit took about 4/5 weeks to me made and was delivered to my office once completed. I had to make a small adjustment to the trousers and they were very happy to make the amendments free of charge. I will definitely order my next suit through editsuits and now that they have my measurements they do not have to measure me again. I will definitely recommend this company to my colleagues.
James Pratt
I bought my first made to measure suit at the Liverpool Street showroom in August this year, and it did not disappoint. The staff were very friendly, welcoming and most importantly, patient. The range of fabrics colours and options for the suit were vast, and you can really make it your own - down to your initials sewn onto the inside of the jacket at no extra cost! The suit took around 3 weeks to be made, and when then a further week to adjust - not a lot needed doing. Now the suit fits perfect, and looks very special, not bad for £467. I'll be buying another when the time comes.
Daniel Choucri
Edit Suits Co. provide a unique and special service. Their customer service is second to none and the attention to detail from the design and requirements of the clothing to the needs of the customer is limitless. I bought my wedding waistcoat and blazer from here and I will be back for my next suit!

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