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The Perfect Tailored Jacket

A tailored jacket, much like a tailored shirt, should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Dress it down for a night out with a pair of jeans or chinos, or dress it up for a more formal event with a matching pair of trousers.

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Below you can find a small selection of tailored jackets from our collection.
 At Edit Suits Co. we offer several different brands of fabric, in numerous colours and patterns, in order to help you design the ideal jacket: completely customised to your personal style, size, and shape. We can help to take all the stress out of finding the perfect tailored jacket by assisting you in the creation of your own.

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Our Opinion

We know that finding a jacket that fits properly can be hard. Most often, it’s the shoulders that causes problems. Here are some helpful tips:

The shoulder pad should extend beyond the shoulder bone just enough, to make the sleeve fall straight down. If it is any wider, the jacket will look too boxy.

The shoulder slope of the jacket should be in line with your shoulder slope. This helps to avoid creasing behind the neck (in case of squared shoulders) or creasing below the armhole (in case of sloped shoulders).

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The jacket shoulder forward/backward angle should be in line with your shoulder forward/backwards position to avoid creasing below the neck (in the case of forward shoulder position) or a flaring lapel (in the case of backwards shoulder position).

Once you have a shoulder that fits, consider:
The sleeve should end just below the wrist bone, which will allow 1-2 centimeters of shirt cuff to show.
The jacket length should roughly end at the bottom of the fly of your trousers. For a more classic look, the length can extend one inch past your fly whereas for a more sporty look, opt for a jacket that is one inch shorter in length.

The Benefits of Tailor-Made Jackets
By collaborating with Edit Suits Co., you’ll be able to create something that not only fits you, but is you. We give you the power to personalise your jacket down to the smallest detail.

You’ll have a choice of lining, from something classic like a plain grey, to one that is much more unique, such as a paisley pattern. You’ll even be able to add small, extra touches by choosing the buttons and the color of the buttonholes. For a particularly special jacket, you can opt to have a date or your initials monogrammed inside.

Made to Measure vs. Off-the-Rack
In order for a jacket to really fit, you need to consider the shoulder, chest, waist, sleeves, and the length. Clearly then, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find one that fits straight off-the-rack. You’ll always end up sacrificing fit in one area for fit in another. But even a jacket that fits in those areas isn’t guaranteed to fit your personal style.
We also offer different canvasing options, including half-canvas, full-canvas, and fusible canvas. Additionally, you can customise the lapel, vents, and pockets, and specify how fitted the jacket should be, and whether it’s single or double-breasted.

Why Choose Edit Suits Co. for Your Tailored Jacket
Based in both London and Singapore, we have the expertise and tools to make you a tailored jacket that fits and hangs perfectly on your body. With so many customisation options available, we know that you’ll be able to create the jacket you’ve always dreamed of – both for everyday use and for more special occasions.

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What Our Customers Say
Charles Wildig
Wonderful fit. Lovely material. Professional detailing. Courteous service. Very fast. Great value.
Daniel Choucri
Edit Suits Co. provide a unique and special service. Their customer service is second to none and the attention to detail from the design and requirements of the clothing to the needs of the customer is limitless. I bought my wedding waistcoat and blazer from here and I will be back for my next suit!
frankie benvenuto
This was the first time I had a suit made to measure, I was very impressed with the service of the editsuits, the quality of materials in the suit I ordered was fantastic. The representative that came to my property was very helpful, polite and accommodating and took all my measurements in the first visit. The suit took about 4/5 weeks to me made and was delivered to my office once completed. I had to make a small adjustment to the trousers and they were very happy to make the amendments free of charge. I will definitely order my next suit through editsuits and now that they have my measurements they do not have to measure me again. I will definitely recommend this company to my colleagues.

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