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The Perfect Tailored Chinos

Chinos – also known as khakis in some parts of the world – are one of the most versatile wardrobe staples a man can own. It’s not often that a single pair of trousers can take you from the office, to an evening out, and finally to breakfast the next morning – and in all three settings, you’re not only properly dressed, but also well-dressed.

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Yet the value of chinos isn’t just in their versatility. Made of cotton, chinos often have a slight stretch to them. This means that they’re also very comfortable – an important but frequently overlooked characteristic of mens’ clothing.
Below you can find our collection of tailored chinos. With countless customisation options available, we can help ease the pressure of finding the perfect chino by helping you to create your own.

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Our Opinion

When combined with a t-shirt or tailored shirt, the chino is perfect for a casual weekend. If a jacket is added to the outfit, the chinos instantly become suitable for work, a wedding, sporting events, or a party.

The Benefit of Tailor-Made Chinos
With custom chinos from Edit Suits Co., you can choose between side and/or back pockets, whether the hem is turned-up or not, and the style, shape, and size of the buttons. We also offer a range of colors including midnight and royal blue, off-white, dark olive, cappuccino, and various shades of grey and brown.

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Bespoke vs. Off-the-Rack
Finding chinos that fit well off-the-rack is difficult. We’re all too familiar with the drawbacks. If the waist fits, it’s likely that the leg is either overly wide and baggy or uncomfortably tight. Likewise, the rise is either cut too low or too high.
These problems are so common because everyone’s bodies – their size, shape, and proportions – are different. By getting a made-to-measure pair of chinos, we can take all of your personal preferences into account. If you prefer wearing your pants lower, we’ll accommodate that by adjusting the waistline and rise. If you prefer that your trousers offer a bit more breathing room, we’ll adjust the width of the thigh, knee, and cuff.

Why Choose Edit Suits for Your Tailored Chinos
Based in both London and Singapore, we offer customisable chinos in a variety of colors that will suit nearly any occasion. We want you to look good and feel good in your trousers, and know that even just one good pair can radically change your wardrobe.

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What Our Customers Say
Raj Virdee
I had a fantastic experience. A vast selection of fabrics, customisation options, and most importantly they actually listened to what I wanted. Couldn't be happier with the finished product. Will definitely be recommending to friends and family.
Jamie Gallagher
Smooth process, knowledgeable staff and excellent suit at the end of the process! Will continue to use!
Callum Williams
I've had a few made to measure suits and the one's I have received from Edit are by far the best! I received my suit in around 3 weeks of ordering and it was an excellent fit (a lot better than ones I have had made elsewhere that were significantly more expensive). The friendly service was outstanding throughout the process and the quality of the product was exceptional. I would highly recommend to anyone out there looking for a great suit.

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