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The Perfect Tuxedo

Tuxedos represent an unparalleled level of class and sophistication, standing out amongst standard suits at weddings, balls, galas, and charity events.

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Below you can find a small selection of tuxedos from our collection.
With hundreds of fabrics and countless customisation options available for you to choose from, we can take the stress out of finding the perfect tuxedo by helping you to create your own.

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The Benefits of Tailor-Made Tuxedos

What sets tuxedos apart is the presence of satin. Typically, tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and – most notably – a satin stripe down the leg of the trousers. The only other physical difference comes in the accessories, which are appropriately more formal. Throughout history, tuxedos were worn with bowties and cummerbunds or waistcoats. However, today ties are also acceptable.

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Given the formality of a tuxedo, it is in some ways a uniform. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for customization:

Peaked lapels or shawl lapels are widely accepted as appropriate. We’re happy to work with you to decide which style you’re more comfortable with.

The Facing
As mentioned, it’s satin that differentiates tuxedos from suits. The luxurious fabric adds an added touch of elegance. Precisely how much you incorporate is at your discretion.

The Vents
At Edit Suits Co., we can help you create a tuxedo that either has double vents, a single vent, or is entirely unvented. We’ll help you determine which style is most appropriate for your event and body type.

The Colour
While historically tuxedos are black or dark blue, at Edit Suits Co. we have fabrics and patterns to accommodate even the most daring of dressers.

Why Choose Edit Suits for Your Tuxedo
While, for some at least, the occasion to wear a tuxedo may be rare, there is still no excuse for any self-respecting man not to own a proper tuxedo of their own. Regardless of the event, if you are keen to wear a well-fitting garment, renting a tuxedo is not an option. While buying off-the-rack is certainly an improvement from renting, it’s just as problematic. The overall appearance of your tuxedo is compromised – even ruined – if it doesn’t fit. And, as you’ve likely already learned from your own experience, you can’t expect something that’s been manufactured for the masses to fit your own unique bodyshape perfectly.
At Edit Suits Co. we know exactly how your tuxedo should fit. What’s more, we possess the expertise, tools, and customization options to guarantee that it does so. Contact Edit Suits Co. today to see how we can elevate your next tuxedo to one that is elegant, beautifully-fitting and – if the occasion arises – even edgy.

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What Our Customers Say
Zeeshan Arshed
I first found out about Edit Suits from the Time Out feature and booked a measurement appointment. The staff were incredibly helpful for someone who has not had a custom suit made before and walked me through every option and detail to make sure everything was to my preference. The suit was completed roughly 3 weeks after measurement as described and I arranged a fitting appointment to try on the suit leading to minor adjustments being required for the perfect fit. The staff were very flexible and the online support was helpful in arranging an additional item to my original order. All in all I had an entire suit (inc. shirt and waistcoat) within 4-5 weeks and all subsequent amendments completed. Edit Suits now has my measurements on record so I will be sure to source all my future suit needs from them in the future.
Iulian Diaconu
Excellent tailoring. I bought two suits from them and I`m very happy with the tailoring and the quality of the materials. Highly recommended.
Callum Williams
I've had a few made to measure suits and the one's I have received from Edit are by far the best! I received my suit in around 3 weeks of ordering and it was an excellent fit (a lot better than ones I have had made elsewhere that were significantly more expensive). The friendly service was outstanding throughout the process and the quality of the product was exceptional. I would highly recommend to anyone out there looking for a great suit.

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