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Tweed is a rough, closely-woven woolen fabric with a flexible texture. It can be woven in either a plain, twill or herringbone structure depending on your tastes.
With a large selection of fabrics and countless customisation options available, we can create a tweed suit for you that is uniquely yours!

Your Made to Measure Tweed Suit

Today, tweed is synonymous with winter suit and coat fashions for men. Our expert tailors can create the ideal tweed suit to meet your exact specifications – ensuring that you will own a suit to be proud of for many winters to come.

Our made to measure service means that your suit will be tailored to your specific measurements: ensuring that whether strolling through a city park, or out walking in the countryside, you’ll be doing it in style. Being able to hand-pick the individual characteristics of your suit – from buttons, to colour, pattern and lapel – guarantees that you’ll have a suit which not only looks good, but reflects your own unique tastes and personality.

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Why Choose Tweed?
A tweed suit is the perfect shield against the unpredictable British weather. Tweed is a heavy and warm cloth that has been used for centuries to protect against the wind and rain, on even the bleakest of days.

Tweed has become the winter suiting fabric of choice, not only for its insulating properties, but also for durability. Good quality tweed garments should last their owner at least several decades if looked after properly. Whilst heavy and warm, tweed also retains flexibility, meaning that you can wear your tweet jacket effortlessly and stylishly over a jumper or cardigan. Despite its reputation as a rugged fabric, tweed can also be soft and come in a lighter weight, depending on your preferences.

The History of Tweed
Historically tweed comes from Scotland, where from the 18th century it was made to protect Scotsmen from harsh winters. Traditionally tweed was made from pure virgin wool, shorn from upland breeds of sheep such as Blackface or Cheviot, and usually dyed in earthy colours. In the search for a denser and heavier cloth, Scottish weavers developed the “twill”  – the diagonal line running through the fabric – which is what we recognise as tweed today. Traditionally, tweed patterns would take the colours and patterns from country estates. Nowadays tweeds can be found in a multitude of different patterns inspired by both traditional and modern influences.

How to Wear Tweed
Tweed is the perfect practical men’s fashion choice for the winter months. Durable and weather-proof, it is ideal for countryside pursuits in all conditions. Not only this, but a tweed jacket or suit can also be a stylish urban fashion choice, bringing the traditional country look into the city – ideal for cold winter commutes, Sunday walks, or weekends away. A tweed jacket is an all purpose garment.  It can be worn with trousers of another fabric – such as corduroy – for a casual look. Or why not embrace the complete English gentleman look with a full tweed suit?

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What Our Customers Say
Alexandre / Raphaëlle Macaire
Very good experience: the staff is helpful, they can come to your place to take all the measures, emails are answered promptly and they give you very relevant advice on the design of your suit. I ordered a first suit 5 months ago and the quality of the fabric turns out to be quite good. On that basis, I have just ordered a second suit and hope it will be as good.
Daniel Choucri
Edit Suits Co. provide a unique and special service. Their customer service is second to none and the attention to detail from the design and requirements of the clothing to the needs of the customer is limitless. I bought my wedding waistcoat and blazer from here and I will be back for my next suit!
James Pratt
I bought my first made to measure suit at the Liverpool Street showroom in August this year, and it did not disappoint. The staff were very friendly, welcoming and most importantly, patient. The range of fabrics colours and options for the suit were vast, and you can really make it your own - down to your initials sewn onto the inside of the jacket at no extra cost! The suit took around 3 weeks to be made, and when then a further week to adjust - not a lot needed doing. Now the suit fits perfect, and looks very special, not bad for £467. I'll be buying another when the time comes.

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