Edit Suits & Odyssey team talk Uniforms and Tailoring

Edit Suits Co recently partnered with the Odyssey team to make made-to-measure suits for their team of young financial consultants.
As high-level consultants being sharply dressed is a very important thing. It is also important to their employees on a personal level, who all love to suit up! We spoke with the managers at Odyssey to get an insight into their tailoring experience.

1) As financial advisers, how important is it to dress in a nice tailored suit?

Dressing well, and wearing a tailored suit, has two main benefits for consultants in our industry: Firstly, of course, is the impression that it can create on a client, that you are professional enough to earn their trust and handle their money. Also, having a well-fitting suit is important as we are always on the move, thus comfort and functionality are vital to us.

2) Can you tell us how you feel when you are being fitted with a made-to-measure suit? How do you like the process of getting measured and choosing new fabrics?

I always feel extremely excited when I visit the tailors’ and really enjoy selecting the different fabrics, with the professional help and service of the staff.

3) What is the most important thing for you when deciding on a new suit?

The most important thing is the fit because any tailor can use expensive fabrics, but the fit itself is based on a tailor’s skill.

4) How do you like working with Edit Suits Co when making suits for your Odyssey Financial members?

It’s been fantastic so far! We are hoping that we can work together even more in the future, with more of our consultants choosing Edit Suits Co.
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