The 10 Golden Rules of Sartorial Style

1. Invest in the building blocks of your capsule wardrobe. A crisp white shirt, navy suit and chino trousers are all versatile garments that can be dressed up or down accordingly.

2. Find the perfect fitting for your suits and stick to it; a tailored suit will last for years and transcend the trends.

3. Subtle muted colours flatter everyone; vivid hues should only be added whilst on vacation or a special event.

4. Base your wardrobe upon high-quality garments with the perfect fitting as it will last for years… If you keep your shape!

5. Be well groomed at all times. Regular visits to the barbers and a post-shave skincare regime will ensure that you always look your best.

6. Keep on top of the upkeep of your garments to maintain a polished demeanour. Shoes must be polished, tailored shirts steamed and jackets dry-cleaned.

7. Dress appropriately for your age, profession and occasion keeping in mind your personal style.

8. Find a way to wear accessories that suits your style, using them to add personality to your everyday wardrobe.

9. Collect timeless pieces that will transcend seasons and last for years to come; think quality over quantity.

10. Wear everything proudly as it will add confidence to your posture.

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