The 3 essential suits you need in your wardrobe

Every man needs at least one suit that fits properly and makes them feel confident in any setting, below we have listed the three suits that we think are essential that every gentleman own. To reiterate again, when you’re buying a suit, the most important factor is fit, we can’t stress it enough. You can drop £2,000 on a suit, but if the shoulder pads extend well beyond your shoulders or your sleeves are touching your knuckles the suit has lost almost all its value. Conversely, an inexpensive suit can look like a £2,000 suit if it’s perfectly tailored.

The Wool Navy Suit

If you only have one suit in your wardrobe, make sure it’s a single-breasted navy wool suit. Navy implies professionalism and respectfulness—respect for yourself and your audience. Plus navy looks good with everyone’s complexion. Don’t worry about labels so much as quality of material. When buying a suit you have various lapel and fit options we recommend a peak lapel and modern slim tailored fit for a masculine and elegant look. If you have been inspired by this look you can go one step further and match your outfit with a men’s overcoat for the perfect winter look.

The Wool Charcoal Suit

Like navy, charcoal is supremely versatile, it looks excellent with brown, black, and tan shoes and accessories, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. With a two-button suit, only button the top button, never both. If you choose to also buy a waistcoat, again never fasten the bottom button. Dry clean it as infrequently as possible as dry cleaning often can damage you suit. Also make sure to hang it on a proper wooden hanger. No wire hangers!


The Black Suit

Another suit that every gentleman should own is a classic black suit. The benefit of a black suit versus a tux is that it can be worn not only to black tie weddings and cocktail parties, but to sober gatherings, too. At a funeral, go with a white shirt and black tie. Save colours, patterns, and flashy accessories for a more appropriate occasion.


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