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The Perfect Casual Suit

While it is possible to dress any suit down, some suits were made to be casual.  Casual suits tend to be made out of worsted wools, flannels, or linen blends. Most recently, linen suits have been particularly on trend. Because the fabric is so breathable and lightweight, it makes the perfect choice for a hot afternoon, especially during the summer wedding season.

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Below you can find a small selection of casual suits from our collection.
With thousands of fabrics and countless customisation options available to choose from, we can create a casual suit for you that is uniquely yours!

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Our Opinion

Consider going for a casual suit to wear on Fridays at work, a relaxed evening out, or a laid-back summer wedding – each occasion demonstrating a varying degree of ‘casual’. Just as with a formal suit, you’re free to be daring in your choices here. Indeed, perhaps even more so, precisely because casual suits are worn in more relaxed settings. Experiment with color and pattern to boldly stand-out, or add subtler creative details for a sophisticated personal touch.

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For a Friday at work, you should pair the casual jacket with a standard, tailored button-up shirt. Meanwhile, a light colored pastel suit with a crisp, white shirt is the perfect look for Spring. A tan or brown suit with a light blue or grey shirt is at one the same time cool and gentlemanly, and will see you through the Autumn. More recently, we’ve seen flannel suits expertly paired with sweaters, a look that’s more casual than the standard suit-and-shirt combination. In any of these instances, it’s appropriate to pair your casual suit jacket with with jeans or chinos.

The Benefit of Tailor-Made Casual Suits
Instead of buying a regular suit and deeming it your ‘casual suit’, make your casual suit from scratch. Choose a fabric and color that fits the occasion. Do you have a destination wedding to attend in the dead of winter? It’s unlikely that retailers are going to be selling the new, on-trend looks that you need. At Edit Suits Co., the fabrics and colors we offer don’t change with the seasons, so even in the middle of a British winter you can be sure to get the perfect linen suit for an exotic beachside wedding.

But it’s not just flexibility regarding colours and fabrics that we offer. To make a suit that’s perfect for you, adjust the style of the pockets on the jacket, the size of the lapels, and the number of vents. We even offer full customisation right down to button and thread color, as well as providing the option to monogram your suit with either letters or numbers.

Bespoke vs. Off-the-Rack
Regardless of how formal or informal a particular event might be, fit always matters.
Even people with quite a regular body type can have difficulty finding a suit that makes them look good and that they feel truly comfortable wearing. We’ll take the time to measure you – from chest to waist to shoulders – to ensure that the garment we make is just right for you.
An off-the-rack suit is made in a standard size, at the same time as literally hundreds of other identical suits. It certainly isn’t made with you in mind. Manufacturers don’t pay attention to detail in the same way that we do. We take pride in helping to make men feel fully confident in what they wear.

Why Choose Edit Suits for your Casual Suit
Based in both London and Singapore, we have the expertise and tools to make your casual suit just as special as something you’d wear to a Black Tie event. We have capable staff who will take the time to get to know you, in order to make something specifically for you.

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What Our Customers Say
James Pratt
I bought my first made to measure suit at the Liverpool Street showroom in August this year, and it did not disappoint. The staff were very friendly, welcoming and most importantly, patient. The range of fabrics colours and options for the suit were vast, and you can really make it your own - down to your initials sewn onto the inside of the jacket at no extra cost! The suit took around 3 weeks to be made, and when then a further week to adjust - not a lot needed doing. Now the suit fits perfect, and looks very special, not bad for £467. I'll be buying another when the time comes.
Julian Purser
Great experience with Edit Suits, literally just popped in during my lunch break unannounced, was measured up in 10 mins received my fitted shirts within 1 month. Great material, well made and well worth the money. More to follow and a tailored suit next time!
Charles Wildig
Wonderful fit. Lovely material. Professional detailing. Courteous service. Very fast. Great value.

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