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How are my garments made?

Once your order is placed and your measurements are securely on file, our meticulous creation process begins to bring your vision to life for your suit, shirt, wasitcoat or overcoat. 

  1. Personalised Pattern Design:
    Employing cutting-edge technology, we meticulously craft a unique pattern tailored exclusively for you.

  2. Premium Fabric Selection:
    Upon finalising your design, we swiftly place an order for your preferred fabric from our trusted mill, ensuring the finest quality for your garment.

  3. Precision Laser Cutting:
    Utilising state-of-the-art laser cutting techniques, we expertly shape your chosen fabric according to the customised pattern, ensuring a flawless fit.

  4. Attention to Detail:
    Our skilled tailors add the perfect finishing touches, incorporating delicate elements such as buttonholes and monograms to enhance the overall elegance of your garment.

  5. Artisanal Construction:
    Your garment is carefully assembled, piece by piece, with utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, ensuring a tailored fit that reflects your unique style.

  6. Quality Assurance:
    Before reaching your hands, each garment undergoes a rigorous quality check to guarantee it meets our exacting standards of excellence.

  7. Secure Packaging:
    Once approved, your bespoke creation is thoughtfully packaged, ready to embark on its journey to your local Edit Suits store.

We take pride in every step of this process, ensuring that your garment is a true reflection of your individuality and our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship.

Updated on 14 Dec 2023