A Guide to Summer Suits

With warmer weather comes the need for lightweight tailor made suits. While – yes – summer arguably presents the most opportunities for laid-back, relaxed looks, there’s no excuse to get sloppy and reduce your wardrobe to shorts and t-shirts. That’s right, even in the scorching heat, dress codes continue to exist. And, let’s be honest…even if they didn’t, you should have enough pride in your appearance to continue dressing smart. But how can you dress smart while keeping cool?

Look For a Tailored Suit in a Breathable Fabric
Save your tweed, wool and cashmere suits for wintertime and instead opt for something lightweight and, ideally, unlined.

When contemplating a summer suit, most men immediately think of linen. And rightfully so! It’s a classic that’s easy to wear, has a weave with natural texture and often comes in a range of light, pastel and cream tones. (More on that later.) But, when considering a linen suit, remember that it wrinkles easily.


When the effortless (and charming!) look of a slightly wrinkled linen suit simply won’t do, opt instead for cotton. It’s just as lightweight and breathable but has a bit more structure to it. Cotton is also extremely absorbent which means it’ll hide potentially embarrassing sweat stains.


We know what you’re thinking. ‘Silk?’ Yes, silk! It’s extremely lightweight, comfortable and surprisingly durable. Of course, unlike cotton, it won’t help you mask any unsightly perceperation. If you’re worried about that, opt for a bespoke suit that’s unlined or for a silk blend.

Choose A Light Colour

When thinking about a suit for hot weather, forget about navy, black or charcoal. Instead, introduce lighter, brighter shades that are appropriate for the season and that reflect heat instead of absorbing it.

Light Grey

Whether you’re going into the office or need a lightweight summer wedding suit, light grey is a great choice. For men a bit weary of bolder shades, light grey will feel comfortable but still fresh. It also pairs easily with other colours and fabrics making it easy to pull a full ensemble together.


While we don’t recommend wearing khaki to an evening event, it’s perfect for daytime. What’s more, pastel colours like blue, pink and lilac look great with khaki. With the right shoes (more on this later) you’ll have a pulled together, effortless look perfect for a summer afternoon.

Pale Blue

Think of a pale blue suit as summer’s version of the classic navy suit. We don’t need to tell you how classic navy is, right?


Pick the Right Accessories

We’ll keep it simple. When looking for the right pair of shoes to go with your tailored summer suit, choose brogues or loafers. Feel free to go without socks or choose a bright, playful pair to poke out from underneath your trousers or tailored chinos.


When in doubt, choose white. This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of other accessories like ties and pocket squares. Avoid dark colours as they’ll throw off your laid-back summer look. You’ll always look smart in a crisp tailored shirt but, if the occasion is casual enough, a t-shirt is fine, too.


We recommend opting for a linen, silk, or knit tie in a light colour. If you’re looking for something particularly on-trend, go for something seresucker or floral.

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