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We are Singapore's premier suit tailor, specialising in mens custom tailored suits.

With thousands of the world's best fabrics and countless customisation options at hand, we will be able to craft a unique tailored suit that will fit you like no other.

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                        London City Showroom

                        Unit 22, Western Arcade Bridge Station, London, SE1 9SP
                        • Email: care_uk@editsuits.com
                        • Phone: 020 3795 9003

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                        "Edit Suits Co. is the perfect choice for anyone with an interest in tailoring who wants to take things up a notch or two. It’s a modern solution, to a thankfully timeless conundrum."

                        "Made-to-measure tailoring at off-the-peg prices."

                        "Edit Suits Co’s made-to-measure suits use high-end cloths from designers including Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana."

                        "A great service: quick, friendly and producing suits of exceptional quality for this price. I’ve used several internet-based suit-makers in the past and this is far and away the best."

                        Our Locations

                        London - Bond Street

                        Ground floor
                        50 S Molton Street
                        London W1K 5SB

                        Phone: 020 3795 9003
                        Email: care_uk@editsuits.com

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                        London - City

                        First Floor
                        54 Bow Ln
                        London EC4M 9DJ

                        Phone: 020 3795 9003
                        Email: care_uk@editsuits.com

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                        Birmingham - Mailbox

                        Unit 44
                        7 Wharfside Street Mailbox
                        Birmingham B1 1RE

                        Phone: 0121 389 4441
                        Email: care_uk@editsuits.com

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                        Leeds - Victoria Gate

                        Victoria Gate
                        Harewood St
                        Leeds LS2 7AR

                        Phone: 0113 457 1555
                        Email: care_uk@editsuits.com

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                        Manchester - King Street

                        54 King St
                        Manchester M2 4LY

                        Phone: 0161 523 7544
                        Email: care_uk@editsuits.com

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                        Singapore - Duxton Road

                        35A Duxton Rd, Level 2
                        Singapore 089499

                        Phone: +65 3158 3926
                        Email: care_sg@editsuits.com

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                        Tailored Suits, Made-to-measure suits, custom tailored suits, and bespoke suits in Singapore

                        Men's suits are incredibly versatile. By tweaking small aspects of the suit – such as fabric, cuffs, collar, lapels, vents, and pockets – you can adapt it perfectly for a particular occasion or to your own personal style.

                        Fitted Suits For Men

                        Instead of settling for a suit from a high-street store, let Edit Suits Co. help you customise every detail of your suit, jacket, shirts, trousers and outerwear. Our expert tailoring will mean you always get the optimal fit. Our tailoring experts in our Singapore showroom have long-standing experience in tailoring and offer dozens of fabric and colour options, all of the highest quality. Meanwhile, our expert tailors can help you mix and match patterns like plaid or stripes to create a unique and impressive ensemble. Once you’ve chosen the fabric, you can move on to aspects of the suit that are often overlooked, such as the lining of the jacket. You can even add a personal monogram to your new suit. Customise the lapel, lining, jacket front, pockets, vents, monograms, trouser waistband, trouser pockets, trouser hem & more.

                        Made-to-Measure vs. Off-the-Rack

                        When buying a suit off-the-rack, you can only really hope to get a good fit for one or two measurements. As they are mass-produced to fit the ‘average’ man, finding a suit that fits properly is virtually impossible. You’re not average, and you shouldn’t have to fit into what designers consider to be “standard”. At Edit Suits Co. custom tailors, we make your suit with you, for you. We take up to 30 measurements to guarantee that your suit fits perfectly and hangs beautifully in all the right places. We know that an otherwise sharp suit can be ruined by too-big shoulders or oversized sleeves, so we take the time to get these things perfect.

                        Why Choose Edit Suits Co. for your tailor-made suit? We offer a personalised service to our customers in Singapore. We’re experts in our field, have the necessary tools, and are keen to help men just like you dress and look smart. Book your appointment with Edit Suits Co. today and start the process of creating your own fully customised tailor-made suit. Our range is extensive covering everything from tailored shirts to jackets, for formal events, business, business casual, or leisure. Once you have booked your appointment, we will send you convenient appointment reminders about your personal tailoring appointment.

                        In Singapore, we offer custom outerwear in Singapore, made to measure linen shirts, tailored linen suits, mens custom waistcoats, bespoke blazers, custom 3 piece suits, double breasted suits, bespoke chinos, prom suits, mens custom tuxedos, wedding suits and groomsmen suits, custom tailored shirts, mens custom dress shirts, tweed suits for men, suit trousers for men, and mens morning coats.

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                        Made to Measure Suits in Singapore

                        Bespoke, made to measure suits are an important item in every man's wardrobe. Whether you prefer a slim fit or a regular fit, we offer custom-made suits that cater to your personal preferences. All of our suits can be customised to the finest detail.

                        Tailored Suits in Singapore

                        We have established ourselves as the best custom tailors in Singapore, specialising in made to measure fitted suits. Our men's tailor-made suits and bespoke suits, as well as other menswear items such as blazers, suit trousers, tailored chinos, and tailored shirts, are durable and made to fit. Whether you are looking for a bespoke suit for the summer or for your next made-to-measure suit for winter, we are the perfect tailors for all your casual and formal wear needs. Book an appointment today and make your dream bespoke suit a reality.

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                        Made to Measure Suits for Men

                        Because we are so confident we can create your perfect made-to-measure suit, we offer a perfect fit guarantee to ensure we get it right 100% of the time. Whether you are attending your prom and require a prom suit for the occasion or need a perfectly fitting suit for work, we can create the perfect garment for you. With a large selection of customisation options, you can rest-easy knowing your made-to-measure suit will match your unique personality.

                        Fitted Suits Singapore

                        With most tailors, you would expect to pay Savile Row prices for a made-to-measure suit. With us, you can have your dream tailored suit at extremely competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the tailoring. We create everyday suits, wedding suits and tailored suits for any other occasion. Thanks to our extremely experienced tailors, your dream bespoke suit can now be a reality!

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                        Tailored Suits

                        If you are looking for the perfect made to measure custom suit, we are the best tailors to go to in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds! Perhaps you have been searching for a premium quality wool suit, or a linen suit for the warmer summer days? These suits are only some of the of thousands possibilities that we can create. Visit our showrooms to explore more.

                        Best Tailored Suits in Singapore

                        A well-tailored suit has the power to enhance your physique seamlessly, without any compromise on the quality or aesthetic appeal. Our tailors are working to ensure that each custom suit is as perfect as the last, which is how we have managed to become one of Singapore's top tailors!

                        Quality Craftsmanship

                        At Edit Suits Co., quality craftsmanship is at the core of our ethos. Our skilled tailors understand the importance of creating shirts that not only look exceptional but also endure over time. Each tailored shirt is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring it becomes an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

                        Our Fabrics and Mills

                        To offer you the finest tailored shirts, we've curated an exclusive selection of fabrics from renowned mills around the world. From distinguished British mills to global luminaries, our fabric collection embodies luxury and tradition.

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                        Pricing Transparency

                        Edit Suits Co. delivers the bespoke clothing experience without the extravagant price tag. For a comprehensive overview of pricing, please explore our pricing page.

                        About Edit Suits Co.

                        Edit Suits Co. was founded with the vision of delivering impeccable made-to-measure formal and casual menswear. Our mission revolves around providing unparalleled tailoring and customisation options, empowering you to shape garments that resonate with your style. Bid adieu to the frustration of ill-fitting off-the-rack shirts and embrace the refinement of tailored elegance.

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