A quick guide to Casual Suiting

We understand that ‘casual suiting’ as a concept may seem confusing, and even slightly contradicting. Often, when choosing cloths for a new suit, you’d likely be looking at classic navy and charcoal fabrics to pair with your trusty white shirt. However, with a little imagination, we can help you achieve a look that is not only appropriate for work, but that can also fit into your casual wardrobe as if it has always been there.

In order to make this transition a little less daunting, we have put together three tips to get you started.

Tip 1 – Choosing the Cloth.

When choosing cloths, try and focus on colours that are easily combined. For example, colours like Midnight blue, Deep green and this seasons favourite, Brown, are almost guaranteed to work with something that you already have in your wardrobe. Following this, it is a good idea to stay away from strong patterns for your staple pieces as loud cloths can often become something you save for a special occasion. Instead, try and use textures in your cloth. We have a huge variety of Flannels, Linen blends and Mesh fabrics which are all excellent choices when trying to distinguish your casual style.


Tip 2 – Outfit Building

Whilst a jacket and button down shirt combination is always a winner, why not try wearing your suit with a white t-shirt or turtle neck? Opt for lightweight fabrics like merino or cotton during the warmer days, and go for cashmere during the colder months. These combinations can be paired with a stylish brogue or even a white trainer which is an easy way of livening up your suit.


Tip 3 – Separates

If you are opting for separates, ensure that you have an appropriate trouser. Stretchy, comfortable and breathable, chinos are the ideal choice for any business/casual outfit. Alternatively, why not try a light flannel or corduroy? Both of these options come in a range of colours that can work well with a contrasting jacket.

Our personal style consultants are on hand to give further advice on how to make your suiting more versatile. 

Visit one of our showrooms to get introduced into the magnificent world of business casual by your personal style consultant.

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