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Morning suits, also known as morning dress, tails, morning coats, are saved for the most formal occasions and when these occasions call, you want to feel your best with a morning suit that fits perfectly. Every element of your morning suit should fit like a glove and if you want to make it even more special, customise all your details with our custom-made morning suits.

Morningwear is normally worn at classic weddings, events with Royals or for some of the most exclusive race days such as at the Royal Ascot. 

Black Herringbone Custom Morning CoatBlack Herringbone Custom Morning Coat

Getting the fit right

Morning coats are saved for the most prestigious events so you really don't want to compromise on the fit. A badly fitted morning suit can make all the difference and cheapen the suit. Your morning coat should mould around your shoulders, this is so important to get right. If the shoulders are too big, it looks badly fitted and if the shoulders are too tight, it will pull every time you move.

Your morning coat should cinch in at the waist and come out over your seat. The shape is vital to get right to make your morning coat look really elegant. With a made-to-measure morning suit, you can customise the length of the tail and find a length that is good for your body profile. The general rule is the back of your tails should finish at the back of your knee.

When choosing your trousers, you want these to sit higher and cut at a perfect length to cover your ankle but so the fabric isn't gathering around your shoes.

Charcoal Herringbone Custom Morning CoatCharcoal Herringbone Custom Morning Coat

Choosing the right fabric

The most traditional morning suits style is striped trousers, worn with a morning suit jacket. However you can style yours other ways with a matching morning coat and trousers or choose a subtle contrast such as black and a dark grey. A waistcoat is a great choice to really finish off your look. A double breasted waistcoat is a more traditional look but a single breasted waistcoat can also work really well. We love a full navy herringbone morning suit for a more contemporary style.

Navy Custom Morning CoatNavy Custom Morning Coat

Custom-made morning suit

If you don't know where to start or need some advice on your choosing your morning suit, book an appointment at one of our stores where our in-store specialists can guide you through styling, customisations and fabrics.

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