Types Of Wedding Suits For Grooms

When it comes to a man's wedding day, he knows that all eyes will be on the bride as she walks down the aisle. While she deserves to look and feel beautiful, it's equally important for her significant other to appear his most dashing and sophisticated while standing beside her to exchange vows.

Whether your wedding day is approaching soon or still years away, it's wise for a groom to start contemplating his suit choice as early as possible. Your wedding suit should not only make you feel comfortable, sharp, and handsome but also complement the style of the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Let's explore the various styles of wedding suits available, ensuring you'll discover the perfect fit for your desired aesthetic.

Evening Tails: For a formal wedding affair, a traditional evening suit with tails or a frock coat can beautifully align with the traditional atmosphere. Tailcoats offer a snug and flattering fit for all body types, while a marcella waistcoat adds a touch of control to the midsection. Optional top hats can add a classic touch.

The Wedding Tux: If you prefer formality but want to deviate from the traditional top and tails, a tuxedo is an elegant choice. The clean lines and satin lapels of a tuxedo complement almost every physique. Opt for a black tuxedo with a classic black bow tie for a traditional look, or consider a navy tuxedo for a more contemporary appearance.

Dinner Jackets: Another formal option for your wedding is a stylish dinner jacket paired with matching trousers. The versatility of a dinner jacket flatters all wearers. Choose between single-breasted or double-breasted styles based on your body shape. With a wide range of available colors, you'll easily find a match for your bride's attire. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with classic black!

Double-Breasted Italian Style: The double-breasted six-button Italian-style suit offers a blend of elegance and uniqueness. It leans towards a higher level of formality compared to its single-breasted counterparts. While traditionally worn with long ties, it's not out of the question to pair it with a bow tie. This style suits tall and slender grooms particularly well.

British Tweed Three-Piece: If you're aiming for a slightly more relaxed yet timeless look, consider a tweed or herringbone three-piece suit. This choice is ideal for grooms who want to exude smart elegance without the formality of a morning suit or tuxedo.

Explore our extensive collection, and you'll undoubtedly find the perfect suit to match your personal style and wedding theme, ensuring you look your best on your special day.

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