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We are Singapore's premier suit tailor, specialising in mens custom tailored linen suits.

With thousands of the world's best fabrics and countless customisation options at hand, we will be able to craft a unique linen suit that will fit you like no other.

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Linen suits for men Singapore

Choosing off-the-rack suits means you won't experience the most valuable advantages of a custom-tailored suit: the flawless fit and personalized style. We don't just measure you; we also consider the unique aspects of your body when crafting your tailored suit pattern. Whether you're interested in 100% linen suits or cotton linen suits, we offer an array of fabric options in our showrooms.

Why choose a linen suit?

Our tailored linen trousers and jackets are ideal for staying comfortable in hot weather, helping you stay composed even when the temperature rises. Our tailored suits come with various customization options, and our fabric collection covers nearly every color you can think of! For a well-rounded summer smart-casual look, you can team up your linen suit with a waistcoat or even chinos on more laid-back occasions. Opt for light and breezy shirt colors to avoid drawing in the sun, and you'll feel fantastic throughout the day and night.

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Mens Linen Suits for Weddings

Finding men's linen suits for weddings can sometimes be challenging, especially as destination weddings are becoming more popular. It's quite likely that your wedding day might be accompanied by warm temperatures, the kind of warmth that might make you want to jump into a pool right away. If this scenario resonates with your vision of the big day, then you should prepare with a linen suit. Renowned for its cooling properties, a men's linen wedding suit will ensure you look great while staying comfortable and keeping your spirits high, even in the heat.

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