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Morning Coats Singapore

We are Singapore's premier suit tailor, specialising in mens custom tailored suits, morning coats, tuxedos, shirts, chinos, and outerwear.

With thousands of the world's best fabrics and countless customisation options at hand, we will be able to craft a unique tailored morning coat that will fit you like no other.

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Morning Coats Singapore

If you're in Singapore and seeking the finest morning coat experience, come to our tailor shop and relish the luxury of a custom-made masterpiece.

Allow us to assist you in crafting a morning coat that not only fits flawlessly but also mirrors your impeccable style. Take your wardrobe to a higher level with our superb morning coats, embracing the grace and sophistication that accompany being the most stylish gentleman in any setting.

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Best morning coats in Singapore

When you opt for our tailored morning coats, anticipate an unparalleled commitment to fine detail. We recognize the uniqueness of each person, which is why we provide a personalized fitting experience.

Our seasoned tailors in Singapore will meticulously measure you and lead you through an extensive range of fabric selections, guaranteeing that your morning coat echoes your distinct style and inclinations.

Our morning coats surpass being mere garments; they epitomize sophistication and refinement. Whether you favor a traditional black morning coat or desire a modern interpretation with a patterned material, our adept tailors will transform your concept into reality. Whether it's a wedding or a formal event, our morning coats are tailored to captivate attention and transform you into the embodiment of elegance and grace.

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                        London City Showroom

                        Unit 22, Western Arcade Bridge Station, London, SE1 9SP
                        • Email:
                        • Phone: 020 3795 9003

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                        Why Our Customers Love Us...

                        Mohammed Ishfaq

                        I had a suit designed from Edit Suits for my neices wedding the service I recieved was excellent from my initial appointment with the team to the fabric, material and cut to the final product so pleased and will visit again. Read more

                        Howard U

                        Been a customer of Edit Suits since the early years. Couldn’t find any other tailor that will fit my needs. It’s always a pleasant dealing with them after so many years. Highly recommended to all who need custom tailoring. Read more

                        Meechok Maingarm

                        I used Edit Suits Co. for my wedding suits. They were great at measurements and very personable during the face-to-face meetings. They guided us to how we wanted our suits. The end product was great as well. Read more

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                        "Edit Suits Co. is the perfect choice for anyone with an interest in tailoring who wants to take things up a notch or two. It’s a modern solution, to a thankfully timeless conundrum."

                        "Made-to-measure tailoring at off-the-peg prices."

                        "Edit Suits Co’s made-to-measure suits use high-end cloths from designers including Ermenegildo Zegna and Loro Piana."

                        "A great service: quick, friendly and producing suits of exceptional quality for this price. I’ve used several internet-based suit-makers in the past and this is far and away the best."

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                        Morning Coats in Singapore

                        In our Singapore showroom, we hold immense pride in being the foremost made-to-measure tailors in Singapore, with a specialization in crafting exceptional morning coats. Whether you're a guest at a wedding, attending a formal event, or joining any significant occasion that requires impeccable dressing, our morning coats are meticulously designed to leave a remarkable impact.

                        Meticulously crafted with an unwavering focus on precision, our morning coats are individually tailored to achieve impeccable outcomes. Our proficient team of experienced artisans brings years of expertise to the forefront, ensuring that each stitch embodies our unwavering commitment to excellence. Nestled in the vibrant city of Singapore, our tailor shop serves as a nucleus of inventive design and contemporary fashion, seamlessly merging timeless craftsmanship with modern trends.

                        A morning coat is a classic attire piece that exudes timeless allure. Its defining features encompass a single-breasted design, peak lapels, and distinctive tails at the back. Typically fashioned from premium materials such as wool or cashmere, the coat guarantees both comfort and durability. Our made-to-measure approach enables us to craft morning coats that contour to your form, accentuating your physique and embodying your distinct style.

                        When you select our made-to-measure morning coats, anticipate an unprecedented devotion to detail. We comprehend the individuality of each person, which is why we provide a personalized fitting experience. Our adept tailors will take meticulous measurements and guide you through an array of fabric choices, ensuring your morning coat reflects your individual flair and preferences.

                        Our morning coats transcend mere garments; they signify elegance and sophistication. Whether you prefer a classic black morning coat or desire a contemporary twist with patterned fabric, our accomplished tailors will transform your vision into reality. From weddings to formal events, our morning coats are engineered to capture attention and transform you into a paragon of style and grace.

                        Within our Singapore showroom, we extend an unmatched experience for those in search of supreme made-to-measure morning coats. Our devoted team of professionals is steadfastly dedicated to exceeding your anticipations, guaranteeing your departure from our establishment feeling assured and immaculately dressed. Experience the disparity of our exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, and ascertain why we are Singapore's leading made-to-measure tailors for morning coats.

                        Therefore, if you're in Singapore and yearning for the quintessential morning coat encounter, pay a visit to our tailor shop and relish in the opulence of a made-to-measure masterpiece. Let us assist you in crafting a morning coat that not only fits flawlessly but also mirrors your impeccable style. Elevate your wardrobe to unprecedented heights with our splendid morning coats, and embrace the sophistication and refinement that emanate from being the most elegantly attired gentleman in any room.

                        In our Singapore showroom, we offer overcoats & trench coats, linen shirts, linen suits, waistcoats, blazers, 3 piece suits, double breasted suits, tailored chinos, prom suits, tuxedos, weddings suits, tailored shirts, tailored suit, tweed suits, suit trousers, and morning coats.

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